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Rattan Sticks

Rattan Sticks   

We carry our own line of rattan sticks that we use at CNY Filipino Martial Arts Academy on a daily basis.

Train confidently with professionally handcrafted Filipino Fighting Sticks that will allow you to train to your full potential.  These are quality tools that will be of great benefit to you no matter what system you train in.  Whether it is Largo Mano, Doce Pares, Lacoste, Serrada, Derobio, Pekiti Tirsia, Latosa, VilleBrille, Topado, Modern Arnis, or any other Filipino Martial Art!

We have literally sold thousands of sticks to satisfied martial artists all over the world for the last 10 years!

Unlike some commercial manufacturers, we leave the skin intact. This preserves the natural durability of the wood. All of our sticks are fire-hardened, increasing the strength of our already hard rattan sticks allowing you to train longer and harder than ever before!


Standard Set:

$26.95 per pair

Our top of the line is our standard, with two beautiful fire-hardened 28" x 7/8" sticks in our standard package.  I have personally used these sticks for many years and have never been disappointed with their performance.  Up to 32" and 1" diameter is still at regular cost.  Longer lengths and larger diameters are also available.  You can mix and match sizes with any order.

Diameter: 7/8"

Length:  28"

Weight:  8 oz.


Professional Set:

$29.95 per set

If you're serious about mastering the Filipino Martial Arts, choose our "Professional Set." the pro set provides the tools to study single and double stick, Espada/Daga, and Knife-to-Knife. "Our Professional" comes with two beautiful fire-hardened 28"x 7/8" long sticks and two 12" matching short sticks. The choice of the professionals!


Palm Sticks:

Palm Sticks

$6 per pair

The Palm Sticks are the smallest set of rattan sticks that we offer.  While they only come in at a length of 6", they are deceptively effective when used for self-defense.  While to the casual observer the Palm Stick only looks like a piece of wood (I have taken one of these with me on an airplane without any issues).  However while the Palm Stick looks harmless they can be used to inflict great pain through impact strikes.


Sibats (Staffs):


The Sibats/Staffs come in 6' and 5' lengths.  (The one pictured above is 6' in length.)  The Sibats are of high quality and fire hardened for maximum durability.  The one shown above is actually my own personal Sibat. (Rattan sticks are shown for comparative purposes only.)  I prefer to use Sibats that are slightly on the thin side so that I have the added flexibility to use short range 'whipping' power techniques when training with this specific weapon.  Of course I also have the more stout Sibats as well to be used for more aggressive training methods.  Please specify desired thickness and length when ordering.

Diameter 1"

Length: 6'

Weight: 13 oz.


Custom Sticks:

Custom stick sizes can be ordered as well.  For example, below is a picture of my 'Ugly Stick'.  The reason for calling it that whatever it hits is going to be ugly after the impact.  The second picture shows the Ugly stick next to a standard 28" rattan stick that is offered here. 

If you're looking for something with specific dimensions, drop us a line and we can work out the details.



Why will I only use these sticks?  Because of years of personal experience with training with them.  Actually in many instances, rattan sticks are better than hardwood sticks for training.  A rattan stick can literally break a hardwood stick in half.  Here is a picture of an actual hardwood Kamagong stick that didn't withstand up to some of our training at my school one day.  (It broke a couple of inches above where I was holding it.)




    By contacting me for the purchase of training blades, you agree to release me, Norm's Training Blades, and any affiliated association or individual from any liability of injuries sustained while using the training blades purchased from Norm's Training Blades.  The buyer also assumes all responsibility for possible injuries sustained to another individual while using the training blades. 


Contact Me:

You can use the following link to contact me with any questions or comments that you may have. 


Phone:  (315) 288-0075