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Custom Training Blades

This page is where I show a couple of the different custom made trainers that various people have asked me to do.



As a special request, I made the above trainers.  Basically they are the Sabre Claws from the Chronicles of Riddick.  The practitioner had a real pair and wanted trainers to use.

Custom Razors

This was a design that I actually debated making for quite a while.  While not something that you would use very often, a razor blade can be carried by street urchins.  So knowing about their use, concealment, and application can have some merit.  I personally would never recommend using a real one, but to show a student about the concealment factor may be a useful eye opener for some instructors.

A Comment on Custom Training Blades:

Please keep in mind that I make or claim no affiliation with any of the custom training blades that were based off of an actual knife made by another company or individual.  I am more than happy to make custom trainers for other people, however I will not make a trainer that another company all ready produces a training blade for.  For example, Benchmade makes their own training blades based off of the actual knives that they also produce.  Therefore a reproduction of any of their knives would be patent/copyright infringement. 




Contact Me:

You can use the following link to contact me with any questions or comments that you may have.   


Phone:  (315) 288-0075