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    It is with great pride that we now offer books as well.  At the present time, we only offer the one.  But we will be looking into adding more as time goes on.  Each of these books I have personally read and highly recommend them.  I fully admit that there are many other great books out there.  I just haven't had the opportunity to read them yet.


The Winning Mindset:


Ever Wonder Why You Don't Always Meet Your Potential?
This New Book Creates A Toolbox For Excellence

The Winning Mind Set, a new book written by Jim Brault and Kevin Seaman is geared toward making YOU better at whatever you seek to accomplish. These two previously published authors from New York have teamed up to teach the reader how to gain a significant Mental Edge and the Winning Mind Set necessary in order to achieve at levels they've never experienced before.
We all have incredible potential. So, why is it that we don't always live up to our potential? Why is there often a difference between what we can do and what we actually do? In what ways can we maximize our potential in those areas of our lives that are important to us? What are the instrumental keys that create that personal success in all our endeavors?
That is what this book is all about. The Winning Mind SetTM is a set of proven tools and techniques to help you UNLEASH the Power of Your Mind, and tap into your incredible potential. It is a compilation of approaches presented in a way that is designed to be both easy to understand and easy to put into action, a toolbox codified into the acronym BEHAVIORTM.

Beliefs - Discover how to put the power of your belief systems to work for you
Emotion - Learn 6 ways to manage your emotions quickly and easily
Habits - Find out how to wipe out negative habits and quickly form positive ones
Associations - Harness the brilliance of this subconscious phenomenon
Values - Realize the role of your deepest desires in driving your life
Identity - Find out how to use your sense of identity in powerful ways
Objectives - Understand the value of setting objectives in a whole new way
Retention - Learn the 9 steps to reinforcing positive changes in your life

Brault and Seaman's pretense is simple, Seaman states, "We ask every athlete and coach this question. In competition, how much of the outcome is attributed to physical skill and how much is mental? The answer ranges from 50/50 to 80% mental and 20% physical. We then ask them, as we now ask you, what do you do to train your psychological side? 99% of the time they stare at us, searching for an answer. We have the answer! If you haven't tapped into the mental side; you are at best, at 50% of your potential. This is just one example." Seaman continues, "In reality, it goes way beyond competition and into the improvement of performance in all areas of our lives! In business, academics, sales, personal relationships, career, and of course competition, the state of your mindset will determine the outcome more than any other element."
Their secret to success Seaman says, "Over the past 35 years, we've had some incredible experiences in our lives. During that time period we've worked with and taught local, state, national, world champions, and high performing athletes, as well as coaches, performers and business people from all walks of life! The most extraordinary result of this interaction is what we have learned from these elite individuals, and how we used this valuable information to develop a program that anyone can use and apply instantly."

The Winning Mindset Audio Book:


The same great book is now available in audio format as well for those people who are always going from one place to another.  Just pop a CD into any standard CD player and you're good to go.  The CDs can also be copied down to an iPod, Zune, or any other MP3 player.

My comments on this book:

I have personally used this book to help improve many different areas of my life.  From my more personal relationships to actually gaining the mental attitude necessary to start my own business. I highly recommend this book to everyone that is interested in improving various aspects of their lives. 

To be quite honest, I can't speak highly enough of it.  This book is so much more than just written words.  There are exercises in it (both mental and physical) to help show you how much more you can accomplish with the proper mental attitude.  I don't believe that anyone could go wrong by reading this book.  It's that great of a read.  In fact, I like the book so much that I wanted to offer it here!


Filipino Kali DVD - Volume 1:

Filipino Kali DVD - Volume 1


Almost 70 minutes of comprehensive instruction formatted in a developmental progression for optimal learning, presented in Guro Kevin's easy to follow style.  Even if you've been practicing or teaching Kali for years, you will find useful information that will help to augment your current skill level.

Volume 1 covers history, footwork, basic blocks from various stick positions (roofs, wings, shields, umbrellas), hand checking positions, various striking patterns and targeting options, 3 Point Sumbrada (Counter for Counter), 5 Point Sumbrada, and disarms (while having a stick and empty-handed disarms against a stick).



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