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   Greetings welcome to Empire Training Blades.  Where we supply you with all of your training blade needs.  We believe that you should train with the most realistic safety equipment possible.  To this end, we work towards making high quality training blades for very reasonable rates.  You're not going to find wooden swords or rubber knives at this site.  Instead you'll find aluminum training blades ranging from a small knife design, to medium sized blades, up to the length of training swords. 

We also carry a line of hard plastic sparring knives for your more intensive sparring sessions.

     While we firmly believe in using aluminum training blades, there are times when you need a sparring knife.  Aluminum trainers do not fall into that category.  While aluminum is a soft metal when compared to steel, it's still a bit too hard for sparring.  To that end, we also have the full line of Sharkee Training Knives which  are hard plastic knives that are ideal for sparring.  The plastic is more forgiving than aluminum which means that you can have more intense sparring sessions.  (We still recommend standard safety equipment such as gloves and safety glasses.)

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All training blades are made one-at-a-time by Chris Thompson.  We don't have a huge factory churning out hundreds of blades per day.  What we do have is pride in the work that we do.  We are positive you'll get a lifetime of use from our products. 

All products are proudly handmade in the USA.




July 8th-10th, 2016:
Martial Arts Weekend.

Guro Chris Thompson will teaching at this event.
Empire Training Blades will have a table set up as well.
More information can be found at www.martialartsweekend.com